Executive Branch

About the Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is made up of an elected Student Body President and Vice President, an appointed Executive Staff and elected College Councils. 
The Executive Branch collectively works to complete projects and initiatives for students to encourage wellness, diversity, academic success, sustainability and extracurricular involvement. 
The President and Vice President also act as representatives for the Student Body on several committees and panels for the University and the state of Louisiana. 
The Executive Branch is defined by a Charter that must be approved by the Senate. 

Executive Staff

The Executive Staff is appointed by the Student Body President and Vice President and works to implement programs for the entire Student Body. The Executive Staff is broken down into several departments, with each department working on specific projects. 

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College Councils

Each Senior College and the Graduate School has a College Council. 

The purposes of College Councils are: 
  • To serve to unify the students, faculty and staff of each Senior College 
  • To facilitate events for College Cohesion
  • To serve as liaisons between the faculty and students of each College

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