Students on Target

Whether you're a freshman or senior it's never too late to get involved with Students on Target. Either become a member or participate in LSU's Battle of the Bands! This is a group unique to LSU and we are always looking for new members to join!

Students on Target is an organization charged with providing a fun, safe, and enriching musical experience that coincides with a unique philanthropic opportunity to LSU students and the surrounding community.

Battle of the Bands will be held on Saturday October 25th before the Ole Miss Homecoming Game. This is a chance for local bands, with at least one member being an LSU student, to compete for a chance to open for Groovin’ on the Grounds.  

This year, Students on Target is shifting its focus from the traditional message of health and wellness and concentrating on our true mission of providing a safe, enriching and fun experience through the mediums of art and music at Groovin’ on the Grounds and Battle of the Bands. We plan on hosting many fun and interactive activities this year promoting our philanthropic partnership to enhance the Baton Rouge Community.

If you have an interest in becoming an SOT member or participating in Battle of the Bands, we highly encourage you apply today! If you have any questions concerning Students On Target or this application, please direct them to

Students on Target and Battle of the Bands Applications are both due Friday September 19th, 2014 either online at or in the Student Government Office (150 Student Union).

Good luck, and we look forward to working with you soon!