Judicial Branch

About the Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch acts as an independent mediator of disputes arising within Student Government. It is also the the ultimate interpreter of all documents and acts governing and transmitting from Student Government as a whole.

The University Court hears cases and controversies that are brought to it by aggrieved parties. Usually, these cases involve Student Government officers and specific interpretations of statutes.

Decisions reached by the Courts are definitive and provide precedent for future cases.

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Parking Appeals Board

The Parking Appeals Board hears appeals of parking violation citations that were issued to students. The current Chair of the Parking Appeals Board is Associate Justice Andrew Nelson.

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Governing Documents and Forms

Docket ID Title Date of Last Action Current Status
12-04 Michael Lee Gilcrease v. Election Board of LSU Student Government November 12, 2012 Opinion Issued
12-03 Allie Schroeder v. Student Government Election Board April 8, 2012 Opinion Issued
12-01 T Graham Howell v. SGR No. 32, Authors March 26, 2012 Opinion Issued